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Custom Designed Software Systems

With personal service and a low-overhead infrastructure, We deliver affordable, high-quality performance to fit your projects budget.


Custom designed sites for the ultimate user experience

An attractive business website is essential to introduce your brand, and present your service and products, and announce your presence to your market.

When designing and building a website, it’s also necessary to look beyond the graphics, images, and text, and to think of your site as a dynamic tool that aids you achieve your business objectives. An effective responsive website is measured by how it introduces your brand to establish your market presence, and how it actively engages your target market and produces leads, generates more business, and creates a loyal consumer base.

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Responsive, fluid and flawless U/I U/X Website designs.

User Interface (U/I) Design creates an interface’s look and feel to be easy and intuitive for people to use.
While User Experience (U/X) Design is making products, applications, and services easy to use, ensuring that the users experience is both engaging and useful.


In the discovery phase, we learn all about your specific objectives, necessary features, timeline, and budget. This outlines and guides the integration of the key parts of your vision and assists in the structure of a solid foundation to build upon to create your site.  


Together we collaborate in finding the perfect design that will engage and capture your target market. We explore different typography, colors, and features to create that unique design that best introduces and promote your brand.  


In the development stage, we transform the design and features you want, and craft it into a fully responsive website that looks good and does what you want. Here I make sure your site is fast, fluid, fully optimized, and functions smoothly. 

Pre-launch Review

This is the last stage in the numerous checkpoints before your site is launched. Together we review your feedback, double check, and make the final changes to make sure your website looks as intended, functions as designed and performs flawlessly.


Allen Hill

Full Frontend UX/UI Development

I do user experience/interface design and applications, keeping the content presentation smooth, clear, and concise. I make sure your site presents the fluid look and feel that announces your presence to your target market that defines your products and services.

Jim Hinds

Software Engineer & Systems Developer

For 50 years Jim has been solving computing problems for businesses & science. Jim developed arithmetic speed up technology in 1973 that's instrumental in today's cryptology/blockchain technology applications. He's created many proof of concept applications over the years & recently delivered bandwidth busting loT software for clinical drug research for patients with neurological impairment.

Custom Design Software Systems


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